provillusAre you looking for an all-natural supplement that can enhance hair growth? The answer is Provillus, a supplement for men and women that has recently been receiving a lot of Provillus reviews from people who have gained results from the product. But are these all hype or are the claims true? Let’s take a closer look.

Formulated with essential minerals, proteins, and vitamins, Provillus helps reproduce non-pigmented, healthy hairs from hair follicles and to further trigger hair growth, a 5% minioxidil spray is also included in the supplement. The formula ensures strength not just outside but also inside the hair layers. Through this, hair shedding that may be due to zinc deficiency, toxins and carcinogens, stress, di-hydroxytestosterone, and low blood supply can be prevented.

How does Provillus work?

Provillus has a three-step system that has been proven to enhance hair growth.

  1.  By supplying essential nutrients like iron, magnesium, calcium, and vitamin B6 complex, hair follicles are nourished and hair growth is improved through its biotin component that produces the hair protein, Keratin.
  1. After follicle revitalization, Provillus seizes the production of chemicals that attack the follicles such as the DHT forming enzyme, 5-alpha reductase and cortisol.
  1. Following the enrichment and protection processes, the hair growth procedure begins. The minioxidil component in Provillus is used on the hair’s outside parts while the insides are nourished with stinging nettle, horsetail Silica, and PABA or Para-Amino Benzoic Acid. All of these contribute to making Provillus’ efficiency and success when it comes to healthy hair rejuvenation.

Is Provillus safe and clinically-tested?

Some hair supplements promise the heavens when it comes to regrowing hair, but are they safe? Do they have clinical data that can back up their claims?

Provillus is a product that doesn’t make false promises. It’s safe and clinically-tested. The unique Provillus spray formulation has been analyzed and tested numerous of times and the results were excellent every time.

In 2002, the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology published a study that shows a 5% topical solution of minioxidil being more effective than placebo and 2% concentration. The study was done during a 48-week therapy. Hair count, patient rating of scalp coverage, and change in hair’s baseline were considered in determining the results.

Likewise, thee components and ingredients of Provillus are thoroughly studied and examined. While the significance of magnesium and zinc in hair regrowth have already been proven by experts, azelaic acid and para amino-benzoic acid or PABA have also been proven to be great superior 5-alpha reductase inhibitors or substances that inhibit the actions of an enzyme, in this case DHT.

Provillus doesn’t promote fake claims. They don’t claim that their product can induce a 100% hair recovery in a matter of days. No supplement can ever do this, at least there’s none yet. Even the highest rating hair growth supplements can take a few months to generate results that are noteworthy. However, customer reviews for Provillus show that in an average period of three to six months, consumers achieved better hair growth and quality.

How much does Provillus cost?

Thinking of where to buy Provillus and how much will it cost you? You can actually buy the hair growth supplement online. Only for $39.50, Provillus also employ free supply, secure shipping and a 90-days money back guarantee. How convenient is that? If you’re looking for an effective and affordable hair growth supplement that really delivers, Provillus is the one for you!


Stretch Marks

stretch marks

When there is stretching of the dermis, it develops stretch marks.  These marks may appear at the time of attaining puberty, lighting weights, pregnancy etc. The skin gets loose and becomes less elastic.  Generally, stretch marks appear on the breasts, stomach, arms, thighs and buttocks.  Check out for stretch mark removal creams and gels that are available in the market on the counter.

Stretch marks – common to women

Many women would have experienced stretch marks at some point in their life and they would have to deal with it.  It is now possible to get rid of these by using some simple home tested methods and techniques.  Creams and gels do help but it would take a lot of time, so you need to exercise patience.  But if you are looking out for immediate and quick results, then you obviously have to go in for surgery which is a permanent way of curing these stretch marks. The trend in cosmetic surgery is that of tummy tucks, laser treatments and micro dermabrasion.  If you do not have the money or the resources for such expensive treatments, then you have no choice but to opt for creams and gels containing Vitamins E,A and C. Read More →


Acne Scar

Acne Scar

Acne and pimples leave behind scars that can look absolutely depressing and irritating.  It is now possible to get rid of these scars if you choose the right acne scar treatment.  A number of options are available nowadays that can help you get rid of these nasty scars.  When you browse the internet, you will come across a whole lot of skin care creams and treatments and you can also buy them online.  A great advantage of online buying is that you get them at good rates and you end up paying very little money.  However, it is always advisable to consult your dermatologist before you buy these creams and skin gels. Read More →


Facial Scar

Facial Scar

First and foremost, let us understand about scars?  What exactly are scars and how can we get rid of these?  Scars are tissues that are fibrous in nature and they develop in order to repair the tissues that are broken.  In case of an injury, the skin then makes more cells to ensure that the punctured skin is repaired and a scar is developed.

It is interesting to note that when the body develops scars, there is no hair and there is less resistance to the harmful ultraviolet radiation. Moreover, one needs to bear in mind that scars cannot be healed completely.  However, there are ways and means for scar removal.  Other methods are laser surgery, dermabrasion, radio therapy and steroid injections would help in scar removals. Read More →